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We are located in Cixi City, Zhejiang Province, covering an area of 26,000 square meters. We are professional OEM/ODM Thermostatic Knob Foot Baths Manufacturers and Wholesale Automatic Heated Foot baths Factory in China, with 13 years of experience. The company has more than 600 employees, including about 60 professional and technical personnel. The company has 16 advanced production lines, 20 large-tonnage injection molding units, various production auxiliary equipment and complete testing equipment, with a daily production capacity of 40,000 units, a finished product storage capacity of 1 million units, and an annual output of more than 6 million units. At present, it is a foot bath manufacturer with powerful scale and production capacity in the same industry in China.
13 Years Experience
We have a professional design and development team with rich industry experience and product development experience, which can meet various customization needs. As Thermostatic Foot baths Factory, our products enjoy a high reputation in the industry and a good reputation among customers. Our principle is "quality first, reputation first", serve every customer well, and all products will be 100% inspected before shipment. We are looking for reliable partners all over the world. Please feel free to contact us.

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The annual production capacity is 10,000pcs, which can meet the needs of different customers with different purchase quantities.

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Are knob footbaths suitable for certain people?
The knob foot bath is a foot bath device with a knob control function that can be used to adjust the water temperature and massage intensity. This type of footbath often provides soothing and relaxation to a specific group of people, including people who stand for long periods of time or the elderly.
People who stand for long periods of time, such as retail clerks, waiters, or health care workers, may experience frequent foot pain and discomfort. Knob footbaths provide hot water massage to help reduce pain and fatigue.
Older people are often more susceptible to circulatory problems, and the massage function of a foot bath device can help promote blood circulation in the feet, helping to improve blood supply and soothe muscles.
Using a knob foot bath can provide a relaxing experience and help relieve physical and emotional stress, which is especially beneficial for seniors.
In summary, knob foot baths can be a beneficial self-care tool for people who stand for long periods of time and for the elderly, but care needs to be taken when selecting and using one to ensure it meets individual needs and safety requirements.
How to maintain and clean Knob Foot Baths?
Knob Foot Baths require regular maintenance and cleaning. Here are some tips for maintaining and cleaning Knob Foot Baths:
Before beginning maintenance and cleaning, make sure your Knob Foot Baths are disconnected from the power supply and unplugged to avoid any risk of electric shock. If water is added during use, first pour out the water at the bottom, then empty out any remaining water.
Depending on the design of your Knob Foot Baths, there may be some removable parts such as massage rollers, mats or covers. Remove these parts to make cleaning easier.
Use warm water and mild soap to clean the interior surfaces of Knob Foot Baths. Wipe gently with a sponge or brush, making sure to remove dirt and residue.
Separate removable parts (such as massage rollers) and wash them with warm water and soap. Rinse thoroughly and make sure there is no soap residue.
Disinfect the interior surfaces of Knob Foot Baths with an appropriate disinfectant or vinegar-water solution to kill germs and bacteria. Wipe the outside surface of the Knob Foot Baths with a damp cloth to make sure it looks clean.
After cleaning, allow Knob Foot Baths to dry completely and then store in a dry and ventilated place.
Regular cleaning and maintenance of Knob Foot Baths is key to maintaining their performance and hygiene, while also helping to extend their lifespan.

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