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We are located in Cixi City, Zhejiang Province, covering an area of 26,000 square meters. We are professional OEM/ODM Folding Foot Bath Manufacturers and Wholesale Folding Foot Bath Factory in China, with 13 years of experience. The company has more than 600 employees, including about 60 professional and technical personnel. The company has 16 advanced production lines, 20 large-tonnage injection molding units, various production auxiliary equipment and complete testing equipment, with a daily production capacity of 40,000 units, a finished product storage capacity of 1 million units, and an annual output of more than 6 million units. At present, it is a foot bath manufacturer with powerful scale and production capacity in the same industry in China.
13 Years Experience
We have a professional design and development team with rich industry experience and product development experience, which can meet various customization needs. As Folding Foot Bath Factory, our products enjoy a high reputation in the industry and a good reputation among customers. Our principle is "quality first, reputation first", serve every customer well, and all products will be 100% inspected before shipment. We are looking for reliable partners all over the world. Please feel free to contact us.

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The annual production capacity is 10,000pcs, which can meet the needs of different customers with different purchase quantities.

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What is the folding mechanism of the folding footbath?
Folding footbaths are usually designed with a simple folding mechanism to save storage space when needed. Although different brands and models of folding footbaths may have different designs, they generally have the following features:
Folding Legs or Supports: Folding footbaths often have a support system, such as folding legs or brackets, that allow for easy unfolding and folding. These support sections can be fixed to the base of the footbath to provide stability and fold away when needed.
Folding walls or sides: The sides of a footbath can often be folded to reduce its size. These folding sides are usually made of soft material, such as rubber or plastic, making them bend and fold easily.
Locking Mechanism: Some folding footbaths have a locking mechanism to ensure stability while in use. These locking mechanisms can be buttons, clamps, or other forms of safety devices.
Using a folding footbath is usually relatively easy since they are designed to be easily unfolded and folded. Users simply follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer to operate the folding mechanism, which usually does not require much strength or skill. Folding footbaths are designed to allow users to quickly set up and store when needed.
What are the considerations for a folding footbath?
There are some things you need to pay attention to when using the folding footbath to ensure safety and effectiveness. Here are some things to consider when using a folding footbath:
Make sure the water is a moderate temperature and not too hot or too cold to avoid burns or discomfort. Use a thermometer to measure the water temperature. The generally recommended water temperature is 37-40 degrees Celsius.
Do not overfill the footbath to avoid overflowing. It is generally recommended that the water level does not exceed the ankle to ensure that the water covers the foot and ankle.
Use clean water, preferably warm. Avoid adding too much soap or foam to the footbath as this may affect the natural oils of your foot skin.
Some folding footbaths have massage and bubble functions. Make sure that the massage head and bubble function will not cause discomfort to the skin and do not use it for too long.
If you have a chronic medical condition such as high blood pressure or diabetes, you should seek medical advice before using a footbath to ensure safety.
Do not soak your feet in the foot bath for too long, usually 15-20 minutes is enough. Soaking for too long may cause the skin to dry out or become excessively softened, increasing the risk of infection.
Clean your footbath regularly to ensure it remains clean and hygienic. Follow the manufacturer's maintenance guidelines to ensure proper operation of the equipment.
Use a footbath to soak and relax your feet, but do not perform pedicures or manicures in it to avoid injury or infection.
When using a folding footbath, make sure the floor is stable to prevent slipping. You can place non-slip mats on the bottom or use non-slip rugs for added stability.
Overall, the folding foot bath is a convenient tool that can be used to soothe tired foot muscles and improve blood circulation, but you need to be careful when using it and follow the above precautions to ensure safety and health.

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